Private Kindergarten Education

As we face the challenge of educating children during the COVID-19 crisis, many parents are concerned about the quality of remote learning, especially for Kindergarten-aged students. The idea of remote learning and the increased screen time required to participate, can be a difficult choice for parents to make. At Sudbury Montessori, our curriculum is well suited to prepare your child to succeed once they can return to full-time, in-person public schooling. Our teachers are talented and dedicated educators, all of which hold at minimum a BA in Education in addition to Lead Montessori Teacher Certifications. 

Benefits of Montessori Education

It’s often the case that children in a Montessori environment learn more skills more quickly than in a traditional school. Montessori students are exposed to an amazing amount of knowledge and often excel academically beyond what is usually expected of children their age.

And it’s not just about academic knowledge. Students in a Montessori school also learn how to manage their time, self-motivate, work hard, focus on their tasks, and help others.

We might be a bit biased, but we really think sticking with the Montessori system is best, especially during a child’s early years. Ultimately the decision is up to you, of course, and what’s best for your child will depend on a variety of factors.








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